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Our community is diverse, and filled with unique perspectives and needs. To effectively represent our district, it is essential to address a wide range of issues, from education to healthcare, the environment, LGBTQ+ rights, women's rights, and military concerns. And it's not enough to merely talk about these issues. We need comprehensive plans, innovative solutions, and a fresh perspective to move our district forward.


As a candidate deeply invested in the future of our community, I am passionate about enhancing the quality of education in our local schools. My vision for education goes beyond mere financial support; it's a comprehensive plan aimed at transforming our schools into hubs of innovation, tailored learning, and unwavering teacher dedication. I am committed to taking action to secure additional funding and implement targeted, visionary policies for the betterment of our children's education.


Access to healthcare is a fundamental right that I am committed to upholding and improving. Affordable and quality healthcare requires more than words; it demands concrete action. I will advocate for a state-level review of healthcare pricing to identify inefficiencies and price disparities while working to implement cost control measures. Additionally, I will promote local clinics in underserved communities to increase accessibility to comprehensive healthcare services, ensuring that our residents receive the care they need without the burden of skyrocketing costs. Together, we can build a healthier and more equitable future for all.

LGBTQ+ and Womens' Rights

As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and a dedicated ally for women's rights, I firmly believe that we must go beyond mere words and actively work to safeguard and expand the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals and protect women's reproductive freedom. Inclusivity and equality are not abstract ideals; they are fundamental principles that we must actively uphold through legislative action and comprehensive initiatives. I am wholeheartedly committed to implementing tangible policies that promote and protect these vital rights.

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Affordable Housing

Housing affordability is not a topic we can afford to merely discuss; it's an urgent issue that demands proactive solutions. As your candidate, I am committed to addressing the housing crisis by proposing a multifaceted strategy that goes beyond words. My approach includes the development of mixed-income housing projects, offering incentives for affordable housing construction, and implementing rent control policies to ensure that our residents are shielded from the burden of skyrocketing housing costs.


Transportation is a cornerstone of our district's vitality, and it's time for more than just empty promises. As your candidate, I am committed to advocating for a comprehensive public transportation overhaul that will revolutionize the way we move through our community. My vision goes beyond words; it entails actively seeking increased funding for efficient public transportation systems and the expansion of sustainable infrastructure, including bike lanes, carpool lanes, and electric buses. This comprehensive approach aims to improve accessibility, reduce traffic congestion, and create a more sustainable and connected community.


Environment & Renewable Energy

Protecting our environment is not a passive endeavor but one that requires resolute and proactive measures. As your candidate, I am dedicated to advocating for a comprehensive approach that actively safeguards our environment while promoting renewable energy resources. My vision extends beyond rhetoric; it entails pushing for strict carbon emission reduction goals and substantial investments in renewable energy infrastructure. This includes the establishment of green job training programs, the promotion of solar energy adoption, and the transition of our public transportation to electric options. Through these initiatives, we aim to secure a greener and more sustainable future for our community.

Criminal Justice Reform

Our criminal justice system is in need of substantial reform, and empty promises won't suffice. As your candidate, I am dedicated to proposing a comprehensive approach to address the deep-rooted issues within our criminal justice system. This approach entails taking concrete measures to eliminate racial disparities, support diversion programs for non-violent offenders, and invest in community policing to foster better relations between law enforcement and residents. I believe in making our community safer, more just, and more equitable for all.


Support for Veterans & Military Families

Honoring our veterans and military families is not merely a duty; it's a solemn commitment we must actively pursue. As your candidate, I am dedicated to proposing a comprehensive approach to improve the lives of our veterans and military families. This approach includes streamlining the transition from military to civilian life, expanding mental health services, offering job placement and housing support for returning veterans, and advocating for increased funding for programs that support military families facing unique challenges due to frequent relocations. Together, we can ensure that our veterans receive the support and recognition they deserve.

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